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de TeslaServiz
13 Mai 2020 12:13
Forum: Tesla
Subiect: Supercharger EU/US adapter
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Supercharger EU/US adapter

Hello there! I would like to present you an adapter for charging American Teslas on European Tesla superchargers Features of this adapter: 1)Adapter is fixed in the Supercharger connector and for disconnecting it you need to press this button on the adapter. 2)Built-in thermal fuse, stops charging w...
de TeslaServiz
26 Noi 2017 15:41
Forum: Model S
Subiect: Programming and repair Tesla removed from the warranty.
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Programming and repair Tesla removed from the warranty.

Hello! This topic is especially relevant for people who bought the broken Tesla from auctions, taken off the official service, as well as people who do not have the opportunity to send Tesla to the service. Many programming services can be performed remotely Services: Access to any firmware (5/6/7/8...