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His brand is so vast that it can not nike free trainer be just held by a Nike store anymore, Nike alone has so many products so trying to cram all the stock of Kevin Durant, Lebron, Kobe, and Jordan all into one basketball section became pretty hard. If Lebron will ever be big enough to have it's own store, we can't predict right now, but lets hope that in the future there will be some more Jordan stores. Another suggestion that seems obvious but is often completely overlooked. Just recently Nike sent out the Air Max Zero in boxes entirely too big for the shoe boxes inside them (which were entirely too big for the sneakers inside THEM but that's another story). Size your shipping boxes to allow very little room for movement.

I don't even know what the sneaker game would be like without the silhouette that shaped many of the colorways and designed that we so heavily depend on. Honestly, Tink would have probably given that design to another Nike athlete, would the 11 had been as popular is it was given to Charles Barkley? As nike flyknit chukka Jordan was one of the best players of his time and still reigns as the most decorated player, would his popularity make him sell as well with Adidas? When it comes to soccer Adidas dominates the game as Nike continues to try to take over that realm of sports also. However, Adidas basketball doesn't attract the most attention. Yes, the Jordan name nike pegasus 34 sake brings a lot of business but the stylish silhouettes keep the customers coming back for more.

But in 2012, things got taken to a whole new level when Nike Sportswear dropped the "Galaxy" colorway of the Nike Air Foamposite One. With a unique graphic print on the upper that was unlike anything that had ever been seen before, it was what Gentrey Humphrey was talking about when he said that Nike wanted to " dimensionalize " the Foamposite line. With excitement for the Foamposites peaking at the time thanks to a variety of factors, this was supposed to be a seminal moment in sneaker culture. And it was, but for all the wrong reasons&

Thanks to several violent episodes surrounding stores that were nike tavas stocking the Galaxy Foamposites, it became a tipping point that in many ways led us to where we are today, camping out on our computers instead of at a doorstep of a Foot Locker or Nike Store. We now have to rely on the quickness of our thumbs to tap on a link in order to secure quickstrike pairs while people with even a modicum of computer knowledge are able to develop bots and exploit sneakerheads desperate to buy a pair of hot kicks that will get them 100 likes on Instagram.

Old sneakerheads like to lament about days gone by to anybody that will listen to them, but they don't even have to go that far back; the reality is that the sneaker world today is dramatically different from as recently as two years ago. So with the second fourth anniversary of the release of the Galaxy Foamposites coming up, here is a look back at the good old days of 2012 with 10 Ways The Sneaker Game Was Different Before The Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy. Prior to the launch of the "Galxay" Foamposite, Nike was also busy announcing their latest and greatest innovation in Flyknit. The one-piece upper had many people giving it derisive nicknames and claiming that no way would it last under any harsh conditions, not the least of which was a basketball court.

The KOBESYSTEM was in full force in 2012 and no matter how good or bad the Lakers were in the standings had little or no effect on Bryant's standing in the basketball zeitgeist, not to mention sneakerheads that scooped up the more nike magista obra limited colorways of the Nike Kobe 7 System. Nobody could have predicted the next few years that would serve as Bryant's personal hell thanks to injuries and Dwight Howard, but now we're here headed towards the final stretch of Kobe's amazing career. Again, time machine. Actually, it still does sound kind of pretentious, especially when the second pack leaked when James had yet to win a second title. All we could talk about in regards to James back in February 2012 was his inability to lead a team to one Imagine ring, let alone two or three or four or five.

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