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I got out of the tent and fleece blankets was surprised to see a small stream had formed in the sand and was running under the corner of the tent. It was raining so hard that all along the beach rain run-off had formed rivulets running from the forest to the ocean. I dragged my tent out of the running water and built a barricade with driftwood to divert the stream away. I retreated under the tarp as the wind kicked up; I wasn't kayaking anywhere today. The next morning I opened my eyes, it was so quiet& I sat straight up, stunned It wasn't raining! After well over fifty hours of relentless rain, it had finally stopped. I peered outside: Dreary, low fog, but relatively calm seas. I'm out of here!! I packed everything as fast as I could.

The tent was soaked, I balled it up and just stuffed in the kayak. Like I did with everything else A panic pack. H and I have a name for this type of advanced backwoods packing: Chuck and go'. I wanted off this beach as fast as possible. This place camp pillow is a strange contradiction of pristine, rugged coast wilderness and popular, yet hard to get to, busy tourist spot. It took me three days to paddle here from the closest town, Tofino. Tourists can take a two hour high-speed boat ride, or a 30 minute float plane ride; A day trip- Not 3! For anyone, it's a commitment just to get to Tofino air sofa it's not that easy to get to this remote area of West Vancouver Island. I forgot to mention, there is a two mile hike to the hot spring.

But it's worth it- the rugged beauty of this place is breathtaking. The spring starts in the forest and flows into a steaming creek that winds around old growth cedar trees. It then exits the forest and flows over jet-black rocks into a long narrow crevasse, where the water becomes waist deep. Numerous pools of varying sizes and temperatures lead down to the ocean, with the cooler pools closest to the open water. Uniquely stunning; like no place I have seen before. I catch the 8:15pm ferry over to Vancouver Island; it's a two hour crossing with a three hour stuff sack drive after that. Whatever; I'm resigned to the fact that I'm way behind schedule. I go up to the top deck and take a seat.

We're proud to be able to use our position as an e-commerce business to try to help all parts of society whenever we physically can and we hope that we can inspire other businesses to do their bit to help society in any way that they can. As airlines continue to cancel flights worldwide, the camping industry has become a popular alternative for holiday-goers who are looking for an affordable and reliable staycation'. Charlie Mihalik of the Yorkville Motorcycle Co., Ace dealer, New York and friends P. J. Bailey of the Ace Factory and Walter D. Batterson, Harley-Davidson dealer of Corning, N.Y. used their machines to get them to and from their fishing and hunting excursions.

The side cars were packed with duffle-bags in which were packed hunting equipment, extra clothing, guns, boots, ammo, camera supplies and other gear. The day before they set out, Fish and Batterson rode to Long Island for some duck hunting and on the way were struck by an automobile. "The violence of the impact caused the motorcycle and sidecar to turn two complete somersaults, throwing both Batterson and Fish many feet from the machine and causing many painful bruises& ". The car in question did not stop to see if the men were injured or offer any assistance. The October 19, 1922 issue of the same magazine contained a photo of William S. Harley and William Davidson, you guessed it, as they returned from a fishing excursion.

The accompanying photo showed a dozen or more people in their tents. Outdoor excursions were so popular that sleeping bag in November that year the magazine advised dealers on how to successfully stage a seasonal window display. The photo had a mock-up cabin in the background with a deer head and antlers hanging from the front, lots of tree branches to simulate the look of being in the woods, two hungers with rifles, and a motorcycle parked underneath some of the branches. It was an ingenious sales tactic. This was to be our longest day- an amazing 12 mile round-trip hike that would bring us to creek crossings, wildlife, and Imagine one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world.

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