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Los patrones de actividad nocturna de jaguares y puma australia pumas fueron similares. Ambas especies usaron hábitats similares en la cuenca del Cockscomb, indicado por una alta correlación en las tasas de captura por sitio entre las especies. A pesar de estos patrones, los jaguares y pumas evitaron usar el mismo sitio al mismo tiempo. Esta segregación interespecífica fue detectada sobre la segregación espacial y temporal de los individuos de jaguar.Felid social systems have been characterized as solitary with exclusive territories within the sexes ( Sunquist and Sunquist 2002 ).

1973 ], leopards [ Muckenhirn and Eisenberg 1973 ], and jaguars [ Núñez et al. 2002 ; Rabinowitz and Nottingham 1986 ]). It has been suggested that females maintain stable and evenly distributed exclusive ranges when prey are abundant, and overlapping ranges when prey are scarce, seasonal, or clumped ( Sandell 1989 ; Sunquist and puma shoes Sunquist 2002 ). Núñez et al. (2002) and Muckenhirn and Eisenberg (1973) inferred that the high level of overlap found for female jaguars, pumas, and leopards was influenced by seasonally clumped distributions of prey species around permanent water holes.

These generic patterns are not observed in all field puma suede studies. Ranges of males overlap for jaguars, pumas, and leopards in areas where densities of females are high and ranges are overlapping ( Muckenhirn and Eisenberg 1973 ; Núñez et al. 2002 ). In this case, it seems likely that males as well as females are responding to clumped distributions of prey, and dominance hierarchies may be expressed in other ways than exclusive territories. If distribution patterns of males are dictated by the strategy that maximizes the number of mating opportunities for the dominant males ( Sandell 1989 ), subordinates may be more focused on finding puma womens shoes food and consequently have similar land-tenure strategies as females.

In a study of jaguars in Belize, Rabinowitz and Nottingham (1986) found high overlap of males within an area of high overall population density sustained by abundant and easy-to-catch nine-banded armadillos ( Dasypus novemcinctus ). Although little was known about ranges of females, this pattern contrasts with the expectation that abundant prey would give rise to small, exclusive ranges for females and larger, exclusive ranges for males. These authors hypothesized that the overlap in ranges of males was driven by a scarcity of adequate travel routes, characteristic of the thick jungles of Central America, forcing all males to share the few logging roads in the study area.

Camera-trap data have since indicated that it is mainly male jaguars that use the larger roads ( Harmsen 2006 ). Prey and female jaguars are detected infrequently on large roads, suggesting that the use of roads by males is not principally for hunting or for monitoring female activity ( Harmsen 2006 ).A similar problem of inadequate sample sizes and unknown number of individuals is apparent in studies of coexistence between species, which is puma mens shoes often explained for carnivores by differentiation of prey selection, activity patterns, or habitat.

We were therefore able to use the time interval between individual captures at a camera location as an index of presence in an area, with longer intervals between recaptures of the same individual indicating that it had traveled farther away. This format permitted testing interspecific interactions of jaguars with pumas in relation to intraspecific interactions among individual jaguars. Interaction can be interpreted from a frequency distribution through time that is more regular than random, indicating mutual Imagine avoidance, or more aggregated t avoidance, or more aggregated than random, indicating mutual attraction.

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